The long-awaited spring is almost here. The weather will soon warm up and nature will gradually awaken from its winter sleep. But the time between seasons places a certain amount of stress on our bodies. This often shows up as hair fragility and hair loss. Hair responds badly to overly dry air caused by indoor heating, as well as sudden changes in temperature, and air pollution. But these are only the external causes for a deterioration in the hair’s condition. Very often, the main reason is more serious and is internal, such as the state of our bowels, hormonal disturbances, problems with our cervical spine, antibiotics, and stress.

The normal amount of hair loss depends on a person’s total number of hairs. For one person it can be up to 50 hairs a day, for someone else it’s 150. The thinner the hair, the more of them a person has. If you notice excessive hair loss (hair left on your bedding, on the floor, a lot falling out when you’re washing your hair), it is a good idea to see a trichologist without delay. There are many cases when patients consult a specialist too late, and the hair follicle has fully atrophied and has been overgrown with connective tissue. Unfortunately, in this case, even the most intensive and expensive therapy will be useless.

One of the most severe forms of hair loss is alopecia. Up to this day, humankind has been unable to determine the cause of the disease. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease. If treatment is not begun early, it is almost impossible to restore the hair at the later stages.

Clinical trichologist Marina Gaydaychuk uses her own unique method, which has successfully saved a number of patients from baldness.

Trichology is an independent direction in medicine, which looks at the physiology, morphology and biology of hair. Trichology is responsible for developing effective treatments for diseases of the scalp and hair, and for identifying the reasons for hair loss.

Effective hair loss treatment directly depends on the doctor’s approach to treatment. Marina Gaydaychuk, clinical trichologist at the EMC Aesthetic Clinic, states, “The treatment for hair loss should start with a correct diagnosis, and for that you need to undergo a comprehensive whole body examination. After a diagnosis is made, you can begin therapy.”

There are two main approaches to treatment in trichology: apparatus and injections. For treatment using an apparatus, the EMC Aesthetic Clinic uses the modern device Tricoprogram. The device delivers a range of procedures (vacuum massage, phonophoresis, ionophoresis, myostimulation, peeling), aimed at combating excessive hair loss, dandruff, weakening hair follicles, and dry hair. This device provides a noticeable effect, improving the quality of the hair and scalp. The treatment also feels very pleasant, with patients often falling asleep during the session. It is very important to complete the required number of procedures. The doctor will prescribe the number and frequency of sessions.

The injection approach in trichology has a number of modern methods: mesotherapyPRP therapy (plasma lifting), SPRS therapy, and Laennec. The advantage of having injections is that less time is required for treatment, with only one short procedure per week. Clinical trichologist Marina Gaydaychuk prefers to combine various methods and achieves incredible results. For example, plasma lifting combines well with mesotherapy, as plasma lifting stimulates the hair follicle, and mesotherapy nourishes it. “There are also other methods that are based on modern biotechnology. They are quite expensive and their popularity is increasing because the results are exceeding all expectations!” reports Marina Gaydaychuk.

The EMC Aesthetic Clinic has recently introduced hair spa treatments by the exclusive Italian cosmetics brand Eliokap. This is hair care aimed at restoring the health of the hair. Each and every Eliokap product contains only natural, highly concentrated pure ingredients. The trichologist combines the unique ingredients to create the product for their patient. Thus, each patient receives a individual product for treatment at home.