EMC Aesthetic clinic is a clinic of plastic surgery and cosmetology in Moscow, a part of European Medical Center, a leading multidisciplinary clinic in Moscow with 29-year history and team of highly qualified specialists.

We offer our patients the latest advances in aesthetic medicine and the most effective up-to-date techniques: stem cell and platelet rich plasma rejuvenation techniques, anti-aging treatments, injection cosmetology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, effective body contouring methods treatment of complicated cases of hair loss. We only use methods with proven efficacy and safety.

EMC Aesthetic clinic is the leading clinic in cellular rejuvenation, we are the leaders in the number of SPRS-therapy procedures in Russia (innovative technology of applying autologous dermal fibroblasts).

The doctors of the clinic are a team of highly qualified specialists with decades of experience in the field of cosmetology and plastic surgery.

Sergey Levin is a renowned plastic surgeon with 20 years of practice, Ph. D., Maestro of plastic surgery, perfectly owning technique of rhinoplasty and breast surgery with invisible sutures, the expert in comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Kirill Pshenisnov, MD, Ph.D., professor of the Department of plastic surgery at Russian State Medical University, author of the first manual of plastic surgery in Russia, a surgeon known for his high professional skill and 30 years of successful practice; he specializes in reconstructive plastic surgery as well.

The direction of cosmetology is headed by one of the most popular cosmetologists of Moscow Dr. Lusine Karapetyan.

Aesthetic clinic of EMC combines plastic surgery and professional cosmetic dermatology of the highest level.

The results of our doctors’ work are so natural and harmonious that even the most discerning patients will be satisfied. We are trusted by well-known personalities of show business, representatives of politic and cultural elite.