More than 30 years ago, the French couple Allouche founded an exclusive brand of cosmetics called Biologique Recherche, which has grown over the years into a major worldwide cosmetics brand. Having considerable knowledge in the fields of medicine and biology, and extensive practical experience, the Allouche family was able to found their own research and development laboratory, which has produced a revolutionary skin care range for the face, body and hair. The creators of Biologique Recherche do not consider skin as a separate entity, but rather as one link in a long chain. The appearance of the skin reflects many things, including age-related changes, disturbances in the internal organs and systems, stress, etc. By watching and analyzing how the skin responds to external and internal changes occurring in the body, the family managed to further improve their cosmetic products.

Any cosmetic product in the Biologique Recherche range contains only natural, highly concentrated pure ingredients, collected directly in their places of origin. The combination of the wondrous ingredients with the unique deep processing techniques for all facial tissues produce a great result that is evident immediately after the procedure.

Before carrying out the first procedure, the beauty therapists always analyze the skin using a special device, and you are then able to order an individual cosmetic kit, based on the results, which is produced specifically for you within two to three weeks, at the Allouche French laboratory. Repeat testing is done every month, with the cosmetic products being altered or replaced with new ones, depending on the results. This active course of complete skin rejuvenation is designed for six months.

Everything in this range of cosmetics is shrouded in mystery, with the procedure itself feeling less like standard skin care, and more like a beauty ritual. The brand’s creators keep their unique rejuvenation recipes a secret. Their approach in selecting only the best clinics and beauty salons, whose staff have been made privy to the secrets of their ‘magic’, have created an impeccable reputation and rave reviews from both clients and professionals of modern aesthetic medicine.

Once you try any product from the wide range of Biologique Recherche exclusive cosmetics, you will not be able to deny yourself the pleasure of your skin always looking this perfect.

You can experience the beauty ritual of Biologique Recherche at any of the three EMC Aesthetic Clinics, and the highly experienced doctors and beauty therapists will help you to select the right products for home. Your skin will forever thank you with its smoothness and healthy glow.