Trichology is a field of medicine that deals with hair problems and treatment of the scalp diseases, including identification of the hair loss causes, their quality improvement, selection of the optimal care and prevention of disorders.

Actually everything has impact on the health of hair and scalp: climate, nutrition, water quality, sleep, hereditary factors, hormonal levels, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, stress, metabolic disorders and various diseases, of course.


Treating the most difficult cases of hairloss.

Hairloss, dandruff, low hair density, split hair ends, alopecia - only professional trichologist is able to find the real cause for such problems with hair and scalp health.

The trichologist provides:

Lusine Karapetyan

Head of the department of cosmetology, cosmetologist-dermatologist, leading specialist of the clinic

One of the most popular cosmetology specialists in Moscow. She is a holder of a variety of certificates and diplomas in cosmetiology and medicine. She has the method of machine cosmetology at her finger tips: fractional photothermolysis (erbium laser), fractional laser rejuvenation with CO2, laser treatment of vascular malformations of skin, laser treatment of dyschromia, radio-wave lifting, thermo-lifting, phototherapy, ultrasound-assisted liposuction, laser scar revision, laser treatment of acne, cryolipolysis.

Elena Korzhneva

Leading aesthetician

She graduated from Moscow Medical Academy in 1986 with a degree in paramedic-attendant. For several years she worked in the field of her specialty. Aesthetic medicine has always been a sphere of high interest. In 2009 she took a training in the People's Friendship University in specialty "Beauty." From that moment began a successful practice as a cosmetologist and an aesthetician in leading beauty salons in Moscow.

Marina Gaydaychuk

Triholog-clinician, leading specialist in the clinic

Triholog with 15 years of experience in the field of treatment and improving the quality of hair. Leading expert of the European Aesthetic Clinic Medical Center. She is one of the few Russian specialists for 7 years dealing with the treatment of hair at the level of the cell structure (SPRS-therapy of the scalp).
Outstanding clinical results of treatment of hair and scalp, as well as improving the matrix of the hair due to the innovative technology of plasmalifting (introduction of PRP plasma generated from a patient's blood).

Marianna Karapetyan

Dermatologist-cosmetologist, the leading specialist of the clinic

In 1997 she graduated from the Russian State Medical University named after Pirogov. She performed clinical internship in specialty "Dermatovenereology" in City Clinical Hospital №14 named after Korolenko and the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (RMAPO). Passed the following trainings:

  • pathogenetics bases of ozone therapy, program "Medical cosmetology" and specialization "Dermatology" in RMAPO; 

  • business ethics and fundamentals of medical psychology in the national "Health" foundation; 

Oksana Tatarskaya

Dermatovenerologist, Cosmetologist

In 2006 graduated from the Russian State Medical University named after Pirogov on the specialty General Medicine. Underwent  residency in the specialty "Dermatovenerology" on the base of city clinical hospital №14 named after Korolenko at the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (RMAPE). Passed advanced training  courses on Medical cosmetology and aesthetic therapy, as well as on Physiotherapy in cosmetology, Hardware cosmetology  at the Department of Aesthetic Medicine of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN). Undergoes regular advanced training courses within the program "Cosmetology" and "Dermatovenerology".

Practices more than 9 years in professional cosmetology (since 2009).