Treating the most difficult cases of hairloss.

Hairloss, dandruff, low hair density, split hair ends, alopecia - only professional trichologist is able to find the real cause for such problems with hair and scalp health.

The trichologist provides:

  • Treatment for all types of hair loss

  • Restoration of lost volume due to hair loss

  • Treatment for scalp diseases

  • Solution to problems of hair quality and growth rate

  • Effective prevention for hair and scalp health

  • Programs of individual hair care

The principle of EMC is to provide a complex approach to the patient's problem. Hair and scalp condition is closely related to a general state of health and efficiently indicates any disorder in the body.

In order to find the real cause of a problem and solve it, the EMC trichologists work in a team of different specialists, from endocrinologists till general practitioners.