Head of the department of cosmetology, cosmetologist-dermatologist, leading specialist of the clinic

One of the most popular cosmetology specialists in Moscow. She is a holder of a variety of certificates and diplomas in cosmetiology and medicine. She has the method of machine cosmetology at her finger tips: fractional photothermolysis (erbium laser), fractional laser rejuvenation with CO2, laser treatment of vascular malformations of skin, laser treatment of dyschromia, radio-wave lifting, thermo-lifting, phototherapy, ultrasound-assisted liposuction, laser scar revision, laser treatment of acne, cryolipolysis.

The sphere of professional interests include volume contour facial sculpting with Juvederm Voluma, TEOSYAL Ultimate; vector lifting and bio reinforcementwith Radiesse and Restylane Vital; complex rejuvenation of the eyes area (correction of nasolacriminal sulcus, black eye-rim removal, skin induration); correction of the regions of neck, low neckline and hands. A unique complex treatment of acne with theuse of different methods: chemical pilling, dermabrasion, ozone therapy. Eliminating unwanted lines of facial expression and hyperhidrosis treatment with highly effective Botox, Dysport, Xeomin. Lip enhancement and correction of the preoral cavity aging changes. Skin refine injections methods using the last generation of bio revitalization and elite beauty cocktails (injectable and non-injection). Most types of vaginal rejuvenation procedures. One of the leading specialists in laser rejuvenation of vagina. Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation includes machine rejuvenation, tightenning and supplementing of volume and sensitivity of vagina. Supplementing of volume and flexibility of vulvar lips by fillers of different density; injections to G-spot and erogenic zones for sensitivity increase.