Intimate rejuvenation Ultra Femme 360

Ultra Femme 360 is a unique non-surgical intimate rejuvenation using the British device Exilis Ultra Femme 360.

Ultra Femme 360 technology is an excellent solution for women who want to improve their sexual health and appearance of the intimate area without surgery.

Ultra Femme 360 provides significant aesthetic effect and improvement in the quality of intimate life without surgery and rehabilitation.

Intimate plastic

Неприятности в половой сфере специфичны по своей сути и часто ведут к эмоциональной неудовлетворенности и формированию комплексов. Восстановление нормальной функциональности и эстетичного вида гениталий является логичным и естественным желанием – как женщин, так и мужчин, обращающихся к помощи специалистов в области интимной пластики.

Plastic surgery of the labia majora

In case of underdevelopment, low lip volume or skin folds, the correction procedure is carried out by transplanting the patient's own adipose tissue (lipofilling), or by injecting filler gels based on hyaluronic acid. In case of an excess of subcutaneous fat deposits, the labia majora plasty is performed by the method of surgical resection, as well as using liposuction. In this case, the doctor performs small punctures on the skin, used to remove local fat deposits with the help of special tools.

Intimate cosmetology

Discomfort in the intimate area is something that is not customary to speak openly about. Childbirth, hormonal imbalance or age-related changes can provoke a decrease in sexual satisfaction, dry mucous membranes in the intimate area, pain during intercourse, as well as change in the appearance of the genitals, significantly reducing the quality of life in general.


We save youth and beauty of your skin.

Pure beauty beyond the time

Our objective is to find an individual solution for health, beauty, and youth of your face and body. Within our work, we apply only rejuvenation techniques with proven effectiveness.

The range of techniques:

  • SPRS-therapy
  • Volume contour modeling
  • PRP-rejuvenation
  • Suture lift
  • Photo and laser rejuvenation
  • Personally developed programs for skin care

To date, EMC is the leader in the number of SPRS-therapy procedures in Russia.

Lusine Karapetyan

Head of the department of cosmetology, cosmetologist-dermatologist, leading specialist of the clinic

One of the most popular cosmetology specialists in Moscow. She is a holder of a variety of certificates and diplomas in cosmetiology and medicine. She has the method of machine cosmetology at her finger tips: fractional photothermolysis (erbium laser), fractional laser rejuvenation with CO2, laser treatment of vascular malformations of skin, laser treatment of dyschromia, radio-wave lifting, thermo-lifting, phototherapy, ultrasound-assisted liposuction, laser scar revision, laser treatment of acne, cryolipolysis.

Marianna Karapetyan

Dermatologist-cosmetologist, the leading specialist of the clinic

In 1997 she graduated from the Russian State Medical University named after Pirogov. She performed clinical internship in specialty "Dermatovenereology" in City Clinical Hospital №14 named after Korolenko and the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (RMAPO). Passed the following trainings:

  • pathogenetics bases of ozone therapy, program "Medical cosmetology" and specialization "Dermatology" in RMAPO; 

  • business ethics and fundamentals of medical psychology in the national "Health" foundation;