General description of the procedure

Modern beauty therapy is replete with all sorts of procedures that can provide you with a slender and graceful figure. The creators of the unique Zerona ® apparatus were first and foremost concerned about safety and reliability. The Zerona ® system is a highly effective method of managing local fat deposits, without pain or surgery. After just a few weeks you will forget all about those pesky fat rolls and instead have a slim figure.

Description of the technology

The Zerona ® system provides lipolysis using a powerful low-intensity laser (‘cold laser’). Low-intensity laser works by triggering the lipolysis process, which involves naturally splitting lipid tissue. The cells absorb the light energy from the laser, then release the intracellular fat from the adipocytes, with the fat splitting into its components and then being excreted via the lymphatic system. At the same time, the other tissues are not affected by this process.

Fifteen minutes after the start of the first procedure, the active process of lipolysis begins, which then continues over the next 48-72 hours. You can lose up to 20 cm around your waist after completing the course! The doctor will determine the necessary number and frequency of procedures during the primary consultation. People usually require 10-20 sessions.

Another area where the Zerona ® system is used, is effective recovery after surgery, including plastic surgery; therapeutic treatment of trauma, contusions, swellings and burns; strengthening the body, restoring physical health, and biostimulation.


• Aseptic effect;

• Contactless and painless;

• No anesthesia required;

• Non-allergenic;

• No recovery period required;

• Can be combined with any apparatus/injection methods.


• Correction of difficult areas of the body;

• Reduction in pain/analgesia;

• Reduction in swelling and tissue trauma;

• Acceleration of the rehabilitation process after surgery;

• Acceleration of the regeneration of damaged tissues and joints;

• Healing of burns, ulcers, wounds and other skin lesions;

• Treatment of patients with diabetic foot syndrome;

• Restoration of blood flow and sensitivity of nerve endings;

• Restoration of the hormonal balance;

• Strengthening of the immune system;

• Improvement in the absorption of vitamins and medications.


• Pacemakers;

• Pregnancy and breast feeding;

• Acute disease;

• Pyelonephritis.

Description of the stages of the procedure

Firstly, the doctor determines the indications or contraindications to the procedure. Then the patient is laid on the treatment table. The doctor places the machine arms over the affected zone. After switching on the device, you can watch the red laser beams in the form of rotating strips. The session lasts about 40 minutes.

The Zerona ® device can be used as a stand alone procedure, but it produces the best results when combined with other methods. Cryolipolysis using the Zeltiq apparatus, Zerona, and pressure therapy are an ideal combination.