The Limpha-Tron apparatus is a modern method of getting rid of cellulite and unwanted fat deposits. The word cavitas translates from Latin as the void or bubbles.

The process of cavitation involves low-frequency ultrasound acting on excess body fat. If low-frequency ultrasound of 30-70 kHz and a pressure of 0.6kPa, with a specific flow density, is applied to fat cells, they develop microbubbles, which is also known as the cavitation effect. The higher the frequency, the smaller the bubbles, and consequently, if the frequency is lower, the bubbles will be larger. For adipose tissue, the optimal frequency to achieve the biggest number of bubbles of the required size, is 37-42 kHz. Larger bubbles have the ability to liquefy fat and displace it from the adipocytes. When the bubbles burst in the adipose tissue, this releases large amounts of energy. The so-called hydrodynamic implosion causes the bubbles to burst inside the adipose cells, and form a kind of microexplosions, which damage the membranes of cells that are most filled with fat. The freed triglycerides are removed from the intercellular space as part of the natural metabolic processes. The majority (90%) of the breakdown products leave via the lymphatic system, and 10% of the triglycerides are converted to glucose molecules as a result of the reaction. Other tissues and cells (vascular endothelium, muscle fibers, epidermal cells, etc) are not affected by the cavitation effect, because they have sufficient elasticity and durability.

Many scientific studies have demonstrated that the cavitation process is not only effective, but also safe. The result will be immediately obvious, just like the other device. The patient may lose 3 to 5 centimeters around the waist in just one session. The procedure itself is painless, and you don’t need to wear compression garments. There are no bruises after the procedure and no ‘washboard’ effect, and the treated area remains as sensitive as before.