Plasma lifting or PRP therapy (platelet reached plasma) is a technique for injecting patient’s own blood plasma enriched with platelets.

The EMC Aesthetic clinic uses the patented RegenLab Swiss blood processing technique. The plasma lifting method using unique RegenLab tubes makes it possible not only to correct visual imperfections of the skin, but also to reorganize skin at the microstructure level, while the use of tubes with fibrin provides volumetric face correction without the use of fillers.

About the procedure

The role of platelets is to enhance local tissue immunity, accelerate healing, normalize metabolic processes.

Platelets are necessary for both health and beauty: as a result of the plasma introduction, there is a sharp increase in fibroblasts, which are involved in the synthesis of extracellular matrix, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The more of these elements are in the skin, the younger and healthier the skin becomes.

The patient’s blood itself cannot be injected into the tissues, because in addition to platelets, the blood also contains leukocytes (which, due to their natural functions, cause inflammation when introduced into the skin), so the blood is divided into several components using a special centrifuge: red blood cells, white blood cells and plasma with platelets. The resulting plasma can be used for any area that requires correction: face, body or scalp.

In the plasmolifting technology, every stage is of high importance: from the quality of test tubes with special filters to the correct blood centrifugation technique.

Benefits of RegenLab

The RegenLab system has the following benefits:

  • there is a higher concentration of living platelets, fibrins and living cells enriched with growth factors in the composition of plasma obtained with RegenLab;
  • the procedure for obtaining plasma takes three times less than conventional one;
  • RegenLab blood centrifugation technique allows preserving the activity of proteins, salts, hormones, enzymes, vitamins and other biologically active substances;
  • tubes in RegenACR kits are processed with a special composition and contain a filter that separates red blood cells from blood plasma even at the sampling stage;
  • special kits with tubes with hyaluronic acid and fibrin can increase the anti-aging effect of PRP-therapy;
  • only 1 course of 3 procedures is required to get the maximal result;
  • quick recovery after the procedure.

The use of special Swiss tubes and RegenLab precise centrifugation technology can significantly increase the efficiency of plasma injection.

RegenLab plasmolifting tubes

The Swiss company Regen Lab produces 3 types of tubes for the PRP rejuvenation procedure:

  • classical small set of test tubes;
  • classical large set of test tubes (differs from a small one in the volume of injected plasma, as well as in containing fibrin in the test tube in addition to pure enriched plasma - a natural blood protein that works like a filler);
  • a gold set (a set containing a test tube with pure unstabilized hyaluronic acid in addition to enriched plasma).

Indications and applications

Plasmolifting in cosmetology helps to solve problems such as:

  • age-related changes in the skin of the face and body;
  • prevention of aging of the skin of the face and body;
  • acne;
  • skin restoration after aggressive rejuvenation techniques (laser rejuvenation, plastic surgery);
  • skin restoration after injuries;
  • dry skin;
  • treatment of scars and stretch marks;
  • hair loss.

PRP-therapy gives a very good visible effect of rejuvenating the skin of the face and body: plasma contains a unique composition of elements that stimulate tissue regeneration processes.

The method of plasma lifting  is also effective for the treatment of diffuse hair loss. Plasma injections awaken the sleeping hair follicles, stimulate the growth of new hair, restore their density and natural shine.


Blood plasma is physiological to the skin, so the risk of allergic reactions and complications is practically none.

Contraindications for the procedure are the most common:

  • acute infectious diseases;
  • inflammatory processes on the face (not only acne, but also, for example, herpes);
  • pregnancy;
  • bleeding disorders;
  • chronic diseases.

Preparation for the procedure

No special preparation is required before the procedure.

The only measure that can be taken to get prepared for plasma injections is the exclusion of alcohol 3 days before the planned procedure. Taking alcohol on the eve of the procedure increases the likelihood of bruising after injections.

How is the procedure performed

The plasma lifting procedure includes 3 stages:

  1. At the first stage the doctor takes blood sample from the vein of the patient.
  2. Then the tube with the obtained blood is placed in a special centrifuge, which allows getting platelet-rich plasma.
  3. The doctor applies anesthetic cream to the correction zone, and then introduces plasma under the skin with microinjections.

The PRP rejuvenation method does not have a rehabilitation period; within half an hour after drug administration, the injection marks will be practically invisible.

Since injections are a kind of microtrauma, it is necessary to give the skin time to heal. It is recommended to limit visits to the Russian bath, sauna and pool, to avoid intense physical activity in the first 3 days after the procedure.

At the same time, it is resommended to keep off being in direct sunlight in order to avoid the appearance of pigmentation. As the skin has completely healed, you can return to your usual lifestyle.

How many sessions to go through?

A noticeable improvement in skin quality will be visible after the first procedure, however, a course of procedures will give a more expressive cumulative effect. One course of PRP-therapy includes 3 procedures, 1 procedure per month.

For the prevention of aging, 1 course is carried out once every six months.

Complex effect

Results after PRP-therapy:

  • increased skin tone, skin tightening due to increased collagen synthesis;
  • improving the quality of the skin (the skin becomes smoother, moisturized, pillow-soft)
  • acceleration of recovery after operations and injuries;
  • lifting and prevention of wrinkles (especially when using the “RegenLab gold kit”);
  • acne treatment;
  • effect of shining skin;
  • assistance in the treatment of hyperpigmentation and its prevention;
  • severe hair loss treatment;
  • hair treatment, improving the quality and growth rate.

Already after the first procedure you get the effect of a bright, resfreshed face, the skin looks more toned and healthy, its color and relief improves.