About 80% of our attention during the conversation is focused on the lips of the partner. This happens due to the fact that the human brain perceives speech not only by ear, but also by "speechreading." We speak, eat, smile and express anger with our lips. Expressive lips visually rejuvenate the entire face, their softness and good hydration make the face well-groomed.

There are three methods for surgical correction of the lip shape and volume:

  • VY technique, with a combination of two Latin letters suggesting the shape of the cuts performed during the operation. VY plasty provides adjustment of the lip contour and volume. The operation is about making V-shaped incisions on the inner surface of the lips. Depending on the aim, 1 to 8 incisions are made on the outer, central part of the lip or along the entire length of the lip. A double incision is usually performed to correct the lower lip. Afterwards, these V-shaped incisions are sutured in the form of Y. With such an approach, the lips become fuller. To increase the volume, double sections are made in the form of W. Depending on the depth of incisions, the prominence of the lips changes.
  • The filigree “Bulhorn” technique, with a name, however, appealing to the something not so elegant, is a surgical lift of the upper lip by reducing the distance between the lip rim and the base of the nose. Bulhorn is a low-traumatic operation that takes a short time and can be performed outpatient, so there is no need to place the patient in a hospital. The rehabilitation period takes an average of 2 weeks.
  • «Paris» technique is based on the VY method, but in this case, the correction is performed both vertically and horizontally. The lips obtain volume, get more proportionate, moderately turned out and beautifully outlined.

Surgical correction can be supplemented with a lipofilling procedure or with hyaluronic acid-based preparations injections, if needed.

Indications for cheiloplasty

  • lip asymmetry
  • wrinkles and other age-related changes in the lips
  • injuries and damage
  • descended mouth corners
  • congenital malformations
  • correction after lip augmentation with biopolymer gel
  • gummy smile
  • dropping lower lip
  • spread of coronavirus
  • desire to correct the shape, contours and volume of the lips.


  • herpes in the acute stage
  • some common diseases (lupus, diabetes)
  • unhealed lip lesions
  • blood coagulation disorders
  • the presence of acute respiratory infections
  • viral and bacterial diseases;
  • epilepsy;
  • anemia;
  • tuberculosis;
  • poor blood coagulability;
  • various pathologies of the central nervous system.

Rehabilitation after cheiloplasty

The duration of the recovery period depends on the amount of surgical intervention. The first 7-14 days after surgery remains pain and swelling. Bruising and local redness are also possible. The doctor will prescribe treatment, which includes lip treatment, painkillers and antibiotic therapy to prevent infectious complications.

After discharge, you routinely visit the clinic for surgical dressing and postoperative examinations.

Suture removal occurs after 7-10 weeks, but the final result after cheiloplasty occurs in a month.

In the practice of the EMC Aesthetic Clinic cheiloplasty is often combined with other operations on the face to achieve harmony in the appearance.

If facelift, anti-aging or aesthetic plastic surgery of the nose and cheiloplasty are performed at the same time, it is necessary to approach the correction wisely in order to create balanced proportions. Chin plasty is often added to these procedures, having a lot of pecularities. We use Vectra 3D technology to visualize the future result of plastic surgery.

Lip plasty prices

You can consult about the cost of lip plastic surgery by phone or in our clinic at the initial consultation with a doctor.