Chin plastic surgery (mentoplasty, genioplasty) - surgical correction of the chin area, changing the shape and size of the chin.

It is possible to achieve perfect aesthetic results and an impressive rejuvenation effect by creating a clear neck-chin angle and visually emphasizing the contours of the lower jaw bones due to a slight increase in the chin. That is why chin plasty almost always accompanies anti-aging surgery and is often an accompanying procedure for rhinoplasty.


Indications for chin plasty

  • underdeveloped or chamfered chin;

  • anomalies in the development of the facial skeleton and mental region of the lower jaw;

  • deformations of the chin after injuries;

  • saggy cheeks and loss of defined face shape;

  • massive, protruding chin;

  • asymmetric chin.

Mentoplasty in combination with liposuction allows you to correct (or remove) the double chin and make the face oval and contours of the lower jaw more expressive and aesthetic.

Contraindications to mentoplasty

  • bleeding disorders;

  • oncological diseases;

  • chronic diseases in the acute stage;

  • inflammation in the chin, regardless of the etiology (infectious, autoimmune, allergic);

  • diabetes mellitus and thyroid disease;

  • acute infectious diseases;

  • pregnancy and lactation.

The procedure is also not recommended for people under 18.

Types of operations

Several methods are used to perform chin plastic surgery in EMC.

Chin Endoprosthetics

The most effective and long-term correction method is the correction of the chin with an implant. The surgeon uses an individually manufactured or standard endoprosthesis for implantation. Chin implantation is carried out through a micro incision, signs of a puncture will remain invisible. Chin plastic surgery with implants is absolutely safe, the endoprosthesis does not cause rejection, looks natural, is not palpable and does not make the correction obvious, it balances your face insensibly to the outside observer, making it more expressive and attractive. The natural result of the operation remains for the entire life.

To remove the double chin and outline the face oval, chin endoprosthetics is supplemented with liposuction. Mentoplasty is also performed in combination with surgical rejuvenation of the neck.

Facial contouring

Increasing the chin and modeling the corners of the lower jaw without implantation are both possible using facial chin contouring by injecting volumizing dense gels (fillers) based on hyaluronic acid into the chin. The results remain for quite a long period of about a year.

Using fillers, you can correct the asymmetry of the chin, eliminate pronounced folds, dimples and deep wrinkles (including hereditary ones). Chin correction can also be supplemented with face contouring (in order to remove wrinkles, creases and correct areas that have lost volume with age).


An increase in the chin volume can also be achieved by lipofilling - injections of the patient's own adipose tissue into the chin. An indispensable condition of the method is the presence of the sufficient reserve of adipose tissue in the patient. The surgeon takes adipose tissue from the abdomen or thighs for the procedure using a special cannula needle or uses fat after liposuction, centrifuges the adipose tissue and injects it into the correction zone. Lipofilling is a natural method of volumization for the body, but since the adipose tissue dissolves over time, the result remains up to 1 year.

Chin reduction

There is a wide selection of chin reducing techniques, among which an experienced doctor will be able to select according to the case - from smoothing bone structures to liposuction. Liposuction helps to reduce the chin and eliminate a small amount of adipose tissue under the chin, making the face more outlined with just a few movements of a thin cannula.

Another way to model the face oval is thread lifting in the chin area. In this case biodegradable threads are introduced under the skin using special needles. Over time, these threads dissolve and get replaced by collagen fibers, forming a clear face oval. The procedure is very attractive due to the absence of pronounced signs of intervention, short rehabilitation period and visible result immediately after the procedure. The effect lasts for 2 to 4 years.

The method for performing chin correction depends on the individual characteristics of the facial skeleton. The surgeon selects the correction method at a personal consultation.

Rehabilitation after chin plasty

The period of rehabilitation after chin surgery depends on the type of operation, the amount of surgical intervention, the patient's age and state of health.

The operation of chin endoprosthetics is performed using local anesthesia and lasts for no more than 40 minutes. After surgery the patient can stay for a day in the day hospital by choice or go home immediately.

To provide safe and comfortable recovery, the doctor prescribes mandatory supportive drug therapy. On the 5th day the doctor removes the sutures, evaluates the result, gives recommendations. Recovery is fast and with minimal discomfort.

All injection techniques (contour plastic surgery, lipofilling) do not require long rehabilitation period. Restrictions include only temporary restriction of intense physical exertion, bath and sauna visits restriction. The doctor will give additional recommendations personally.

Swelling, soreness of the chin area, numbness of the lower lip can be observed during the first days after chin correction. All symptoms are temporary and controlled by drug therapy.

Benefits of the EMC Clinic

The European Medical Center is a leading clinic in Moscow which incorporate all the best methods of cosmetology and plastic surgery to make you even more beautiful, younger and more attractive.

We adhere to an integrated approach in beauty and are convinced that the best result can be achieved in synergy of correctly selected rejuvenation techniques. We offer each patient an individual solution.

Chin plastic surgery in the EMC clinic is complete safety of patients and the best specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine. At the face-to-face consultation, you can address to the doctor with all your questions and hear an expert opinion regarding your wishes and doubts, and 3D computer modeling will allow you to immediately see the result that you will get after the operation.