Mastopexy is a surgical breast lift that allows you to solve the problem of breast ptosis, restore the volume of the mammary glands, and perform aesthetic correction of the nipples and areolas.


The main indication for surgery is loss of elasticity of the breast skin, ptosis of the mammary glands due to sudden weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding. Especially important for women is breast lift after childbirth, when breast prolapse is inevitable in many cases.

It is important to note that breast augmentation and breast lift are not interchangeable operations: mammoplasty does not solve the problem of breast ptosis, but only restores breast volume using implants.

Therefore, the surgeons  frequently recommend to perform mastopexy with endoprosthetics - that is, to do a breast lift and augmentation mammoplasty at the same time. The result of such an operation gives a more pronounced aesthetic effect: the placement of implants makes the breast more attractive and voluminous, and the correction of the breast shape makes the breast tighter and pulls it upward. After the operation, the function and erogenous sensitivity of the breast are preserved.


With any variant of breast lift, the essence of breast correction remains the same: the effect is achieved by removing excess skin and moving the nipple-areola complex upward.

Breast lift can be performed using various techniques:

  • circular access (around the areola)
  • circumvertical approach (from the areola to the inframammary fold);
  • T-shaped access (vertically along the circumference of the areola and further along the breast fold).

The most optimal technique is determined by the surgeon depending on the degree of breast ptosis of the patient and on the following factors:

  • breast size and shape;
  • the condition of the nipple-areola complex, desires towards correction;
  • elasticity of the breast skin;
  • volume of tissues to be removed.

When carrying out mastopexy, the surgeon always tries to get minimal tissue trauma, because the main purpose of breast lift is the beauty of the breast, its appearance.

There are sutures that remain after mastopexy, but over time they become barely noticeable, and if desired, they can always be further corrected using laser resurfacing or other methods of aesthetic medicine. Any manipulations must be confirmed with the doctor, of course.


The first step towards beautiful breasts is consulting a surgeon. All women are different and the types of their figures are also different, therefore, the surgeon will be able to outline an action plan to create the best result only in a face-to-face consultation with the patient.

Before the operation, it is necessary to undergo an examination and receive an obligatory consultation with an anesthesiologist. Taking any medication before the operation must be agreed with the doctor, additionally it is also necessary to quit smoking and refrain from drinking alcohol for the period indicated by the doctor.


On the appointed day, you are not allowed to eat or drink 5 hours before the operation. The duration of the operation depends on the complexity of the mastopexy, but, on average, it takes no more than 3 hours.

The lifting effect is achieved by excising excess skin and moving the breast tissue upward with the nipple-areola complex. The result is an improvement in the shape and contours of the breast, maintaining its correct density and establishing normal bust height.

Immediately after the operation, the patient puts on special compression garments, which are necessary to be worn for about a month.


EMC offers its patients the most comfortable conditions for staying in the hospital:

  • equipped with all the necessary single and double rooms;
  • round-the-clock supervision of the medical personnel;
  • 4 meals a day (meals in the clinic take into account your personal preferences in food, additionally EMC offers the opportunity to order a special menu from the Pushkin restaurant);
  • possibility of family members’ visits 24/7.


After discharge from the hospital, the patient goes through a rehabilitation period at home.

Discharge from the hospital takes place the next day after the operation, but you will not be able to start working earlier than in a week. To avoid complications, it is very important to strictly follow all the doctor's recommendations.

The doctor stays in touch with you, supervising the recovery process, and once a week during  a month you meet for a mandatory examination. All the following consultations are included in the cost of the operation.

The rehabilitation period for each patient is different, since each organism has its own features. The final result of the operation can be assessed after 2-3 months.


Each case of breast correction is individual and a high level of professionalism of the surgeon plays an important role, since the doctor will be able to calculate the best option for breast lift and the expected result after the rehabilitation period with mathematical precision.

Breast lift at EMC is a delicate skill of surgeons and complete safety of the operation. EMC has one of the best operating rooms in Russia - it presents the most modern high-tech operating equipment available to a very narrow range of clinics in Russia. Any procedures in EMC are carried out in accordance with international protocols adopted in the leading clinics of Europe and the United States.


The price depends on the complexity of the operation. To find out the exact cost of mastopexy, sign up for a consultation in the EMC clinic in Moscow.


What tests are necessary before mastopexy?

Before the operation, you need to take blood and urine tests, consult an anesthesiologist. The doctor will give you a complete list of tests at a personal consultation.

When are stitches removed after mastopexy?

The doctor usually removes the stitches 10-14 days after the operation (each case is different).

What is mastopexy with breast enlargement?

Mastopexy with breast enlargement is a one-stage breast lift operation with breast volume. This means, you can solve several aesthetic problems at once: eliminate the ptosis of the mammary glands and increase the size of the breast within one procedure.