Ultra Femme 360 is a unique non-surgical intimate rejuvenation using the British device Exilis Ultra Femme 360.

Ultra Femme 360 technology is an excellent solution for women who want to improve their sexual health and appearance of the intimate area without surgery.

Ultra Femme 360 provides significant aesthetic effect and improvement in the quality of intimate life without surgery and rehabilitation.

How does the procedure work?

The technique is based on the safe exposure to RF (radio frequency) energy, which stimulates production of new collagen and improves blood circulation in the intimate area. 360 technology provides even and volumetric warming of the skin and adjacent tissues.


  • unsatisfactory aesthetic appearance of the external genitalia
  • decreased elasticity and tone of the vagina
  • age-related changes in the intimate area
  • unpleasant sensations within sexual intercourse, including after childbirth and in menopause


  • restoration of the intimate zone elasticity
  • narrowing of the vagina and labia volime fill up
  • improving the aesthetic appearance of the intimate area
  • elimination of discomfort during sexual intercourse
  • increased sexual arousal and improved quality of the intimate life.


  • pregnancy
  • postpartum period less than 3 months
  • skin lesions in the target area
  • acute inflammatory and other diseases of the genitourinary system and pelvic organs.


  • The procedure lasts only 8 minutes
  • Maximum comfort
  • No pain, no anesthesia
  • No surgery or rehabilitation
  • There are no similar procedures in Russia
  • The result is noticeable even after the first procedure.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the procedure take?

Intravaginal procedure lasts 8 minutes. The duration of the procedure for the outer part of the intimate zone depends on individual characteristics and usually takes no more than 12 minutes.

 What will I feel during the procedure?

During the Ultra Femme 360 procedure, the intimate area is evenly heated, so that you will feel a slight pleasant warmth.

When will I see the results?

The patients report significant improvement immediately after the first procedure. At the consultation the doctor will determine the required number of procedures. The minimum number of sessions is 4 procedures, one procedure a week. The effect of the session of procedures increases over several months.

How long will the rehabilitation process take?

After the procedure, slight redness and the appearance of edema are possible, which will pass after a few hours. Rehabilitation is not required, you can immediately return to your usual affairs immediately after the procedure.

When can I have sexual intercourse after the procedure?

Ultra Femme 360 is a weekend pre-date procedure. Sexual intercourse is possible in a few hours.