Cryolipolysis is a hardware technique for body correction and elimination of local fat deposits using low temperature application on fat cells.

Equipment for cryolipolysis is an invention of Harvard University specialists. Adipose cells (adipocytes) are very sensitive to low temperatures. The action of the cooling nozzle of the Coolsculpting system leads to destruction of fat cells in the correction zone and their subsequent natural removal from the body.

Removal of body fat by cold occurs without damaging surrounding tissues. Investigations have confirmed that cryolipolysis procedure and subsequent removal of fat cells does not lead to an increase in blood lipids and does not exert load on the liver. Thus, with its high efficiency, Coolsculpting hardware slimming is also clinically safe.

Hardware weight loss Coolsculpting does not require anesthesia, the procedure is completely comfortable, lasts no more than an hour and does not have a rehabilitation period.

About Coolsculpting Technology

The principle of action of the Coolsculpting device is based on the natural process of the fat cell destruction under the exposure to low temperatures. This is a normal physiological phenomenon of our body, about 5% of the cells in our body undergo this process daily.

Coolsculpting technology contributes to the destruction of fat cells without affecting the surrounding tissues or causing damage to the skin, blood vessels or nerves.

The equipment for cryolipolysis is supplied with two special nozzle applicators that correspond to different areas of the body: one is designed to work out folds on the abdomen, sides and in the chin area, another one - to apply on arms, back and legs.

The cryolipolysis procedure effectively copes with hard-to-remove fatty deposits, but is not suitable for pronounced total excess weight and obesity.

Indications for cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis is for all women and men looking for a non-invasive technique enabling them to get rid off localized fat pads that remain in spite of diets and a regular sports activity.

However, this technique only aims at eliminating localized fat deposits, apart from any severe overweight that might require a diet. If so, Cryolipolysis can not replace a diet.

Zones of correction:

  • chin
  • arms and shoulders;
  • sides and abdomen;
  • back;
  • inner and outer sides of hips;
  • knees and lower legs.

In order to get captured by the devices's nozzle, the skin should be pursed in a small fold, that is why the main indication for hardware weight loss with Coolsculpting is hard-to-remove fat deposits in the amount of 3 centimeters or more.


  • inflammatory processes in the target zone;

  • allergic reaction to cold;

  • any disease in acute form;

  • endocrine system disorders, diabetes mellitus;

  • autoimmune diseases;

  • Raynaud's disease;

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;

  • obesity I and II degree;

  • diseases of the circulatory system (disorders of peripheral blood flow, thrombosis, coagulation pathology);

  • the presence or suspicion of a hernia in the target zone.

Cryolipolysis is suitable for men for women.

How is the procedure conducted

  1. The specialist marks the correction zone, then sticks a special napkin soaked in gel. A gel napkin provides thermal contact with the skin during cryolipolysis.

  2. Then the specialist installs the applicator nozzle in the center of the marked skin area. The procedure is carried out using vacuum: a tissue section is drawn into the nozzle cavity and cooled to a predetermined temperature.

  3. A special sensor monitors the exposed temperature and provides an immediate shutdown of the device when the skin cools to the level below the predetermined one.

  4. The procedure is being performed as comfortable as possible and lasts no more than 1 hour, the patient at this time can work with a laptop or read. After the procedure, the patient can immediately be back in business.

Hardware cryolipolysis is equally effective for any area of the body and allows you to get a noticeable result in the correction area in just 1 procedure. The first results can be seen after 2-4 weeks.

The effect of cryolipolysis

The effectiveness of the procedure has been proven by research and guarantees reduction in the fat layer up to 25%. Cryolipolysis is not seasonally related, so you can undergo the procedure at any time of the year.

The reaction, namely the destruction of adipose cells in response to exposure to the Coolsculpting device, begins in 3-7 days and lasts, on average, 1-3 months. However, you can notice the effect in one month already. Due to the gradual breakdown of fats, the skin has time to get lifted in the correction zone and remains in good tone.

For a pronounced effect after 1 session, the procedure is repeated after 3-6 months. The results make so much improve the body shape that the technique is by right called the body sculptor. After just a couple of procedures, cryolipolysis corrects the very areas, where sports, massage and diet were powerless.

The way to get quick correction results is to combine the technique with enough water consumption and several sessions of lymphatic drainage massage.